Wednesday, 18 November 2009

None so Bilnd as Those Who Will Not See

It’s amazing how you just don’t see things or people you know if they are not where you expect them to be. The most obvious examples would be indicators on cars which on your old car were on the left of the steering wheel are now on the right hand side - how long does it take to get used to that! Ditto the petrol-filling cap. Some-one moves something in the fridge onto a different shelf and apparently it can’t be found (husband suffers from this kind of myopia). We got a new vacuum cleaner - I couldn’t find the pipe extension for how long because it fits inside the other pipe and for ages I just draped the electric cord over the top until I discovered the correct fittings for it were on the side. The worst has been that I have been convinced that the new video machine has no counters which slays me because that is how I locate and play things I have recorded. I searched the instruction booklet and went to ‘Menu’ and listened to the funereal voice of the ‘help’ and watched carefully as she went through all the options. Nothing. In the end I sent e-mails to the ‘Contact Us’ address - no reply - and in the end telephoned their help desk - just follow the lady’s lead, I was told. Back to square one. Finally, I swallowed my pride and asked my husband. He sat patiently with the instruction book and abracadabra the numbers appeared! (Press OK four times - the last page of the instruction book - not on the Menu at all.) How smug was he. But the display is on the TV screen, and not visible while you are recording! I got my own back the following week-end when my husband had me searching all over the other house where the old vacuum cleaner now resides, for one of its pipes. Blow me down if it wasn’t still attached to the machine in its rightful place. He had been looking inside the other pipe.


  1. You are so right! We get accustomed to one way and it is hard to get our brains to wrap around a new way.
    That is why most of us only get married once. ha