Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Nasty Neighbours

Why is it that some people are just born to be aggressive? We have such neighbours on both sides of our house. Both look for any opportunity to fight - and have upset almost everyone in our street over the last 15 years (and they show no signs of ever moving.) Regarding the lady on our left, my husband has had nightmares and sleepless nights over her and has told me that if her house burnt down he wouldn’t lift a finger to save her (not true in the event) - but this from a person who is the kindest man in the world and is always the first to help anyone in trouble. The man on our right rushed out this morning, all guns blazing, because two guys from the municipality had the gall to be standing on his property looking at his water meter. Where was their job sheet, he demanded? How could they pitch up with no warning? What had a leak in another street got to do with his house? It turned out that the aforementioned leak had been caused by someone putting up a wall. In the halcyon days when this suburb was built, no-one had any walls in front of their homes and the municipality, perhaps without sufficient forethought, placed many of the water meters exactly on the boundary lines. Today, they are often in the way of wall foundations and so the municipality has decided to move them (free of charge) for anyone that requires it. Naturally, our neighbour won’t ever make any changes at all to his property, and as he pointed out, the meter has stood in its present position for 40 years so no thank you. In the confusion, I overlooked the probability that my husband would appreciate having ours moved, anxious as I was to get back into my house. The same happened when we asked the municipality to trim the tree on our pavement: they came when I was out and the neighbour rushed out and created a scene and they went hastily away and did nothing at all. I’ll have to phone them back. I even went to see a psychologist about these miserable neighbours - such a nervous wreck was I. He simply shrugged his shoulders and said - some people just enjoy being assholes. It’s like breathing to them.


  1. Ugh, nothing like misery in your own home.

    We had neighbors that were PIGS and nothing could change it... until they got kicked out for not paying taxes. Can't say I was disappointed.

    good luck.

  2. If they only knew how much stress they put on everyone around them.
    It is my belief that when they are at the pearly gates, they will be forced to see themselves the way others saw them (similar to Scrooge and the three ghost visits).
    Too bad we have to all wait that long for them to "get it".
    Until then, there is always "karma"...I am a big believer in what you throw out into the world (good or bad) comes back directly to you....