Friday, 13 November 2009

A Matter of Tact

October 15th 2007

It’s always nice to speak to my son in London and he phones a lot (misses us). It was his birthday last week (28) and although we all sent cards well in advance there was a postal strike their side and he only received them a week late. I thought mine was a nice one - cute pencils with laughing faces in a pencil pot “To the sharpest pencil in the box” I had written, mindful of the need to make my absent child feel special. He pretended to grumble about his sister’s one though - something about “How does it feel to be getting old so fast?” I suddenly remembered one he has sent me a few years back - a picture of a hippopotomas in a very tiny bikini. I reminded him. Thoughtful silence for a moment. Then, “I just thought it was a cool picture.”
Well, there you are then - but I must say, the length of the silence gave me food for thought.


  1. what a great story about your son so far away, the card is cute also....Hope he had a great birthday!!!!

  2. I try and get the sickest, funniest card for my youngest daughter because she has the same sense of humor as me. We get each other. ha

  3. the thing is in life never to be over-sensitive - much easier to laugh!