Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lesson Learnt?

I had to ask small son for the umpteenth time to move his car out from under the carport down the side of the house (his father’s parking place) before said father’s imminent return from his day’s work. Small son was typically full of excuses - this time he had needed the hosepipe on the wall to wash out his car’s upholstery as a flask of coffee had exploded on the back seat, covering everything in stale coffee and curdled milk. I was secretly rather pleased at this, knowing how much elbow grease has to be employed to remove such awful smells and hazarding a guess that the said flask had been reposing in the car for more than a week - along with bits of left-overs in McDonald’s packets, sundry apple cores etc. etc. Will this have taught small son a lesson? I think not. Some character flaws are thicker than water (not quite the right metaphor but you catch my drift?) - one of which is laziness. The correlation of the results of being lazy with the ensuing need for hard work have not yet sunk into small son’s brain viz. an unlovely history of failed exams, to give but one example.


  1. Learnt? You must be southern!!!
    We say learned up here in the north.
    Laziness always causes more work in the end, doesn't it? That is life's sense of humor working on us~!

  2. I did hesitate - I thought both were an option here in South Africa. I've long since forgotten what I used to use in England!