Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hubby's New Thing

My husband, like most men, loves a gadget: witness his love affair with the GPS, leaf vacuum, garden shredder, home generator etc. etc. His current fad is very irritating if not as noisy or expensive viz an economical way to light the braai (barbeque) fire. I have been asked to squeeze out my used tea bags and dry them with a view to soaking them in paraffin for use at some vague date in the future (because when at home, he currently blasts the fire into a volcano with his blow torch). This new plan is for when we go on a ‘back to nature’ holiday. In the meantime I can feel my patience sapping fast as my kitchen looks untidily like someone in the last stages of severe penury with tea bags in various staging of drying in little plastic tubs on the window sills and every other available space. I do hope this idea doesn’t work as I have visions of ubiquitously drying tea-bags like stockings and knickers in the bathrooms when we shared digs as students.


  1. Funny, but not for you I one drinks tea at my house phew.

  2. We Brits can't do without our cuppa! I have a whole pot (four cups) in bed every morning!