Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gone For Good, Harlan Coben

November, 2007

I discovered this author only recently but am glad to see he is on the bestsellers' stand as he is a delightful writer with a flair for comedy. Although he takes us into the sewers of American society where there are so many horrors, he does it often with a light touch that makes him very readable and not a bit depressing. His originality is refreshing and his plotting artful and satisfying, take this description of a transvestite prostitute:
Many transvestites are beautiful. Raquel was not. He was black, six-six, and comfortably on the north side of three hundred pounds. He had biceps like giant hogs wrestling in sausage casing, and his six-o-clock shadow reminded me of Homer Simpson’s. He had a voice so high pitched it made Michael Jackson sound like a teamster boss - Betty Boop sucking helium….Raquel claimed to be twenty-nine years old, but he’d been saying that for the six years I’d known him. He worked five nights a week, rain or shine, and had rather a devoted following. He could get off the streets if he wanted. He could find a place to work out of, set up appointments….But Raquel liked it out here. That was one of the things people did not get. The street may be dark and dangerous, but it was also intoxicating. The night had an energy, an electricity. You felt wired out on the street.”
(Gone for Good, p.65)
I’ve now read a number of his books and not once have I been disappointed - unlike some others who go downhill when they get prolific - Jeffrey Deaver for one.

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