Friday, 27 November 2009

Customer Service de Luxe

Apologies for lack of blogs! My son is returning home from the UK for good with his wife and baby - we have been madly painting and decorating as they will stay with us for a while.......

My brother, a nostalgia freak who can’t throw away his old tools, sent me the following e-mail correspondence between himself and the Sales Manager at Presto International Ltd:

Subject: History and drill bits

Hi there, I'm thrilled to discover that Presto has survived depressions and assetstrippers and is alive and well in Sheffield. I would love to replacesome of the the broken drill bits in my 20 year old Presto imperial drill index with genuine items, can you tell me of a toolmerchant/stockist in the north Worcestershire/southwestBirmingham/Dudley area or website that could help?

Many thanks
Good Afternoon M,

It is very good to hear such kind words. Yes we are still alive andmanufacturing drills in Sheffield ( even though we are now owned by a Chinese operation) We hope to continue and develop. Drop me a line with your address and I would be happy to send you a complimentary drill set. Look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards

Kevin BlackwellSales ManagerPresto International Ltd,

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  1. It must be so exciting to have your son coming home and with a grandbaby.

    And nice to see there are still generous companies out there.