Thursday, 8 October 2009

Teenage Boys - Saturday night out

October 7th 2007

We took half a dozen of our son’s friends to our second home for the week-end as a belated 18th treat for him - our boat is there. To save my nerves I didn’t travel with them on Friday morning (still holiday time) as now most of them have passed their driving test, so my son was able to drive my car. He should have taken his test last week, but that is another story. I reasoned that I would be such a nervous passenger it would be better if I busied myself at home and went out with my husband after work. They should just phone me when they arrived. This duly took place and the 1 ½ hour trip passed like lightening for me battling as I was with computer problems as usual! I should mention that the new girlfriend came with and as always I marvel that parents allow their children to go off with strangers without even a phone call. No matter. The boys all slept in a room into which two or if necessary three sets of bunk beds can be squeezed and the young lady was given the double bedroom on her own, with me acting as much of a watchdog role as possible. This was not really necessary as they were out to the small hours at the loco disco and hadn’t been back long (4.00 a.m.) before I heard the noise of my car alarm and pricked up my ears to hear my son racing to the front door (surely in a panic!) I heard the door slam and male voices and a car drive away. The next day upon enquiry I found out that the police had noticed a light on in the car (parked on the driveway) and they found an open door which they closed which activated the alarm. Typically, my husband slept soundly through all of this (hearing aids removed) so now I have bargaining power….. “I won’t tell dad how careless you were as long as you…” that’s easy… "get down to your studying the minute we get home."


  1. don't you love bargaining chips. My girls will tell me things and then ask me not to tell dad..hmmmm

  2. Whatever it takes to get them to confide in one of us!