Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Reluctant Gymer

My husband has 3 pairs of white gym socks which is usually fine as he does not actually attend the gym and alternately means to get fit and attend regularly or decides to give up his membership because of the stress of having to attend twice a month. Usually, he nips in on his way home from work, swipes his card, pretends to read the notice board and then walks out the other side. Sometimes he even forgets to do this for a couple of months and then gets urgent SMSs to the effect that he must attend 7 times before the end of whatever month or his membership will be in jeopardy. Thus inspired, he then goes every day between the 25th and 31st and trains a bit, for about 15 minutes, but one day during such a week there was not a pair of clean socks - I have been requested therefore to buy more and I am objecting. Why not just give up the gym? Oh, yeh, that’s because I first told him he had to go because he is the main member and therefore my son and I get special rates and we really like going. If he stopped going, I emphasised, our membership too would cease. I have since found out this is not the case - but I am keeping my own counsel on this as I would really like him to get fit one day. I’d better give in and get the socks.

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