Saturday, 17 October 2009

Peace and Quiet?

October 18th 2007

I thought I would take some advice and go away while my son is writing his Matric exams (so as to lessen his stress levels!) So when I had the chance to go away for one night to relax at a wine farm, I went. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you won’t find it at a working farm during the week - tractors are on the go from 6.00 a.m. and if there are beautiful expansive lawns a lawnmower will be heard more or less all day long. So although our view was superb and the chalet lovely, it certainly wasn’t peaceful. Midgies were in abundance but they were more bearable than the last place we visited - which was an old labourer’s cottage (charmingly renovated) but next to a field of cows. The flies had to be seen to be believed. Then on the way home this morning, the burglar alarm people phoned twice, first because my son forgot to put the alarm off when he went through to the kitchen on getting up and secondly, because he went off to his English Literature exam and left the sliding door open at the back of the house with the key hanging in it!! (We think a curtain blew through as we have a motion sensor outside). Luckily, our dear neighbour, M, has keys to our house and went to check it out for us and to re-set the alarm. Now, I have tried 3 times to get a technician to show us how to do this - each gave us a different version over the phone - and we clearly didn’t yet have it right, because the alarm went off again later when the municipality arrived, unbelievably, two weeks earlier than they said, to trim the tree on our pavement. The instruction book is so complicated and ambiguous I am wondering if I should have rather done my degree in “English as Translated from the Japanese/East Croatian or Chinese ”.

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  1. That is what kids are for, right?

    And sorry about your "relaxing" get away.