Monday, 12 October 2009

A Matter of Conscience

I dragged my husband to the shops on the week-end as he has been grumbling that he needed shoes, trousers and belts for the last two years but by the time we had got the shoes - he wanted to go home, so it was with difficulty that I got him to select trousers and belts. At the till he was champing at the bit, and as the young chap was painfully slow, I took over and quickly folded the things so that he could attend to the card machine. Later that day, w I discovered that I must have folded up the one pair of trousers and packed it before it was rung up at the till and so I hadn’t paid for it. This meant I had to go back the next day and return it. The supervisor seemed incredulous that I should be so honest as to do this and my husband said that the shops allow for ‘shrinkage’ but no matter: conscience dictates. I wondered why there had been no security tag but was informed that these are only put on the expensive items. I once - egged on my friends doing the same - stole a small banana sweet from a shop when I was 10 years old on a school outing - it must have cost about a halfpenny in those days, but my conscience worried me so much I didn’t even eat it but flushed it down the toilet - after which I got sick. I don’t want that to happen again.

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