Thursday, 15 October 2009

Driving Test - South African style

My son took his test in my car so he drove me around the test route first, practising all his K53 stuff. Once I got used to him hopping up in his seat like a jack-in-the-box to emphasise his mirror use for the examiner at every intersection, I gave some attention to the way he changes gear on approaching traffic lights. Did you know that instead of changing down (as we were taught), they now approach the lights in 4th gear and only use their brakes? Then while waiting at a red robot - they must be, not in neutral (as we were taught) but already in gear, handbrake on, but playing with the accelerator and the clutch (wearing it out!). I dread to think what else if different. Is this not a dumbing down of the practical part of the test? Oh, and if you take your test in a bakkie (pick-up truck), you don’t have to parallel park. I do support the emphasis on use of the mirror though - so many drivers out there today clearly never use theirs (just ask a motorcyclist). Hopefully, some of this habit will remain after our kids have passed their test. It must be as my mother-in-law used to say, “Plak (stick) it thick and some will stick” as she drilled her children over their homework…. Have to get back to my New York Times crossword now - just heard about it after watching a fascinating documentary “Wordplay” about crossword fanatics. Even Bill Clinton does the Sunday one! I, as a novice, am giving ‘Monday’ a go (struggling a bit as I see my American general knowledge needs jacking up!) I could easily become addicted.

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  1. I have one driving, the second is going to be the me.