Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Back to Blog!

Blogging has had to take a back seat over the past two weeks as my husband has been at home after a carpal tunnel op after which he put his back out as well - so I’ve been pretty tied up as his chief ‘carer’ etc etc. We did get a lot of reading done though and I came across this book which struck a chord. "Mirror Lake" is his first book.

After the Rain, by Thomas Christopher Greene,

There are times in life when the world decides to reveal itself to you. Moments of utter transparent awareness when you see things as they always have been, as they always will be, and you try to find comfort by finding your place in the vastness of it all. And surely, you realise there can be no comfort, for when you look deep into the nature of it all you see only yourself and you see the smallness that is you, the insignificance, and any search you have for something larger, something greater, something that will make that which can never be understood as clear as water, will end in frustration, and if you are not careful, despair or worse.” (Ch.16)

…. Especially if after many years of searching, you find the only woman you could ever love - is your beloved brother’s wife. This is a really well-written love triangle which involves lots of superb and evocative cooking because the characters run their own restaurant in the beautiful Vermont countryside. Sensitively and perceptively written, this is the author’s second book. Highly recommended.


  1. Sounds good, too bad I spend all my time reading blogs.

    Welcome back and good wishes to your husbands recovery

  2. Aha! Therein lies the difference - my husband is very jealous of my computer (since it occupies my time at home and not at an office) so I have to steer clear of it if he is around.