Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Accidental Eavesdropping

October, 2007

I overheard small son telling his older brother on the phone… “And then the farmer came and we had to jump into the bushes.” So that’s how he got his tic bite fever - they all went surfing where there were reputed to be really great waves one day and had to walk through long grass to the dunes. He got his come-uppance at the doctor though (to where he was rushed after his driving test!). It was one of those days when the doc breezes in, full of good cheer and bonhomie. After I had related the tale of the symptoms, the night sweats etc. the good doctor immediately suspected tic bite fever: “Drop your rods!” he commanded behind the curtain. At first not comprehending, (my son is not a reader and will never be required to do National Service), he finally understood that he was required to remove his jocks and point blank refused (looks of horror, I imagine). Lucky for him, the bite was spotted towards the top of his thigh. NB. The word 'Eavesdropping' started to look funny - so I looked it up. Historically, people would spy on the conversations of others by standing outside their homes, just under the 'eaves'. Huh, that will be the day - can't wait for small son to have his own home!

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