Wednesday, 9 September 2009

You're Toast !

It’s funny how the small things hit you after a bad week at work. It was my job to make the boiled eggs and toast on the week-end and let’s face it - my husband and I are both fussy - bad week or not - neither of us can stand toast cut in triangles in restaurants for example. We also cannot eat a boiled egg that is not perfectly cooked - solid white and soft yellow. He likes his toast nicely brown but cold, I like mine nicely light brown but hot. So when I forgot to put his toast in before the eggs, disaster struck because there is no way to preserve a perfectly cooked boiled egg while you wait for toast to cool down. Thus, I had to witness my husband’s martyred air while he exaggeratedly first waved his toast up and down as if he were guiding a jumbo jet into its parking space and then put the two pieces in the fridge, glaring at me, arms folded watching his egg get cold. While I munched on my perfect toast, having dipped it in my egg, I had to make allowances: he really had survivied a nightmare of a week.


  1. You guys are too funny.
    We are just happy that we woke up and aren't dead and that we can still eat.

  2. Ah, dear Retired One! You are SO like us!