Friday, 18 September 2009

A Sucker for Looks

We’ve lived in our present house for 16 years now and have finally got to admit we need to do some maintenance. My husband being a practical man does not mean that he likes maintaining things - those jobs are just a bore like washing the dishes or cleaning house. He loves to build or make things from scratch, like furniture. I must say I feel the same - there is nothing like a virgin piece of material or wool - whereas to have to sew on a button or mend a tear.. (yawn). So now our roof leaks and we really need a fence across the front of the house to finally deter the unwelcome guests who want to size up the property for nefarious reasons or convert us to their religion. So I’ve phoned a number of places for quotes. So far only 3 have even phoned to make appointments but on reflection I hope this is a good sign - that they are all busy and good at what they do. As for me, I am a sucker for a nice, personable young man and the three who have already been here have been just that - equally charming and informative and keen. Salesmen. It’s just as well that my husband scrutinises the written quotes and has the last word - otherwise I would probably have given the job to the one with the baby blue eyes and the nicest car.


  1. lol..If you are the one who has to stay home and "supervise" you might as well have something nice to look at. And when you choose I want pictures. ;)

  2. You mean the completed fence of course?

  3. Of course what else could I mean.