Monday, 14 September 2009

Shopping for Big Waist Clothes

I hate shopping for clothes these days for obvious reasons. Also, one has to be in the mood and put on clothes beforehand which are not a pain to take on and off. Luckily, I can go to the shops early on a week-day morning when they are mostly empty. Still, the only thing that really gets me there is when I survey my clothes and can find nothing that hasn’t mysteriously gathered bleach marks which can no longer be concealed. So off I go and grab about 8 garments in each of three shops (my maximum tolerance) to make the fitting on a 1:8 chance of getting something in one go. I add that I set off wearing my favourite summer suit (bought at least 15 years ago!) which I absolutely love as it always seems to fit my narrow shoulders, cover my flat bottom and big waist by being flatteringly tapered and the jacket is long enough! Not so the suits around this year - all are really tiny - but I did read somewhere that it was the season to buy jackets one size too small! Huh, I can’t see any sense in that! That’s exactly how they look - too small. And of course, you can’t find any pants which go up to the waist! Fortunately, this year all the fashion tops drop from under the bust, ideal for the ‘big waist’. I did score one expensive smart shirt (with no lycra) and four other casual garments which only came to R320 altogether. Top tip remains - find a nice, full skirt - one size smaller because they are all still hipster-style - and wear it around your waist with a longer top. Crafty but it works.

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