Monday, 7 September 2009

Nudie Neighbours

We really enjoy the wide upstairs balcony of our holiday/retirement house which overlooks a beautiful lagoon (see header) from high up on a hill. In fact, we spend most of our relaxation time out there, including a sundowner or two while we watch the sunset. We also overlook the house across the street whose owners have, for some inexplicable reason placed their bathroom on the front corner of the house, and even more mysteriously, have provided it with an all-encompassing floor-to-ceiling opaque corner window, clearly not realising that this is completely see-through. In front of our eyes (my son and his friends guffawing helplessly), we witness the ritual of cleaning the bath, windows and toilet by the oblivious and portly middle-aged residents, mooning it as they bend over the better to clean with clearly visible dark shadows to distinguish male from female anatomy. How can they not know? As they favourite time for their joint ablutions is about 5.00 p.m., we notice that quite a few of the home-going cars have started to slow down as they approach the this house! What to do? Apart from chasing my son and his friends off the balcony, we have contemplated sneaking across in the cover of darkness and leaving an anonymous but tactful letter in their mailbox. So far, I keep forgetting to do this and so the unfortunate pair have continued with their free show. Well, let me suit the word to the action: we are going tomorrow, so I’ll type it now. (NB. This pic is not her - I wasn't mean enough to take a real picture - opaque glass or not!)

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  1. Portly or not they seem to be entertaining a lot of people...just think how many people they are making happy and you want to end that.

    I know I would probably do the same thing and tell them too.

    Good luck

    PS as for reading blogs, I spend way too much time on the laptop (ask the husband) and I have access at work, so when it is slow I catch up as well.