Friday, 18 September 2009

None so Blind as....

My daughter arrived today to remove her wedding dress which has been hanging in my spare room for more than a year. Guess what? It wasn’t there in its accustomed place! Well, I have been away and haven’t even been in that room: my husband did spring-clean the whole house but claims innocence as does my son. Husband says that my daughter removed it along with all her other stuff the day after our burglary. She categorically claims she did not. Stalemate. Tears threatening as well as accusations. She says she has searched that room thoroughly and it is not there. So we look everywhere else and draw a blank. Who can have stolen it? The guys who installed the burglar alarm are the only strangers who have been in the house. Unlikely. I suggest that my husband perhaps put it in a suitcase when he was tidying up - strong denial and hurt feelings. Not in any of them. Perhaps I had a menopause moment? If so, we’ve searched everywhere anyway. In the end it was found - on the shelf in the cupboard in the original room my daughter claims to have searched ‘thoroughly’. Well, she retorts defensively, she would never have thought it could have been folded up! I emphatically add that I would never have folded it up either. So we are both convinced it was my husband - perhaps he had his first senior moment. It was probably me though.

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  1. If I was your husband I would be afraid to admit it. Perhaps it can just show up somewhere someday.