Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Married Young?

I am fascinated by the number of couples I have come across lately in the media who have married young and lasted the course - I’m talking 20 plus years married at least, and have dated each other from around the age of 16. Happily married. Never been attracted to anyone else. Found their soulmates. Is this really possible? I do personally know one such couple, but that’s all - they met when they were 13 and are still starry-eyed with each other 33 years later. Perhaps ignorance is bliss? After all, if you have nothing to compare with… Are any of you able to corroborate this blissful state of affairs? And how many of you who married young can really say you have never been tempted, even briefly, to have an affair? Not something I could have done myself (i.e. married young), I needed an awful lot of comparisons before I could finally identify the kind of man to suit me.