Friday, 4 September 2009

House Husband

7th September, 2007

And on a similar theme...

Great to be home again - especially when a house inspection reveals everything, including my pot plants, to be sparkling clean. (Well, last year my favourite plant expired from neglect.) Better than that, my husband got stuck in where angels fear to tread. He has cleaned on top of my kitchen cupboards, extractor and fridge and he has fixed the hinges on the bottom cupboards which have been half-off for years. He comments that he can’t understand how this damage happened - and I am certainly not going to tell him that I have lazily leaned on the open doors to help myself up over the years. Further, he has FINALLY replaced the vrot (rotten) kickboard which runs underneath all the cupboards. I would hazard a guess that every time he diligently cleaned the floors with his new squeezy mop - specially bought for himself in my absence, the broken parts irritated him to the point where he had to do something. Years of strategically-timed nagging have not produced the same effect. Then in the TV room, he also cleaned on top of the cupboards and in our bedroom he tackled my wooden dressing table and re-did the surface, getting rid of rogue coffee cup marks at last! He also cooked every night for himself and small son. Interestingly, I have not been allowed to cook yet - he is doing it automatically still! However, there is a pile of ironing which reaches to just below the ceiling but everyone knows that I like ironing - gives me an excuse to watch TV, so no complaints. Husband gets full marks - house husband as well as full-time bread-winner.


  1. Sounds great to come home too. My husband cooks and cleans but I would love to see hm tackle some odd jobs.

  2. Bless his heart! My hubby vacuums for me and does help a lot too. But, we trained them now, didn't we???? ha