Sunday, 6 September 2009

Feisty Foetus

September 11th, 2007

We've all been excited since my daughter announced that she was pregnant: after all, she did everything right - got her degree, found her prince, got married, got a house, found a half-day job and got pregnant - all in the right order, thus guaranteeing our approval. Today she breezed in, full of excitement, waving the latest photos of her scan. At 12 weeks, we are all awed to see the large head, limbs and tiny fingers and also, she points out, the nose bone. This is a new one on me - apparently, with improved technology, once the nose bone can be detected it shows that the foetus is normal - not Downs Syndrome. And my daughter is only 25! I can’t believe they worry about all these extra things so early these days. It must be most worrying to be pregnant with the all information available now. She also shows us an ‘upside-down’ picture. This, she explains, means that ‘he’ is already moving around a lot. In fact, she adds (almost bursting with pride) - the gynae says this is a very advanced 12-week foetus! Or - say I to myself - perhaps just a 13-week one? I don't really like these 3-D images myself: I find them a bit unnerving somehow. (Just showing my age).


  1. Oh my a new way to brag for mums and dads before the babes are advanced 12 week fetus... lol.."mine could 'swim' at 12 weeks'" lol...

    Good luck to her. And yeah the pics are a bit creepy.

    L xx

  2. I agree they worry too much, cannot wait to have Grandchildren some day.

  3. They are amazing!!! More and more detail via technology. I love them, but maybe that is because I am an R.N.

  4. Yes, you must have a different view as a nurse. But hey, you can't stop progress and each new generation of parents adheres strictly to the ideas of their times. (We oldies know nothing, apparently.)

  5. Ladies, can you please tell me how you all manage to follow so many people's blogs? I am lucky to find the time to follow one or two on a daily basis, although I would love to read more.

  6. I never sleep lol...seriously I they all show on the dashboard so I check it through out the day and read as new posts appear.

    I will admit if they don't grab me right away I may not read the whole post and I my comments are mostly short but I like to comment as we bloggers like that and it lets them know we read it.

    hope that makes sense, if not let me know :)