Wednesday, 30 September 2009


No more quotes for the electric gate because my husband turned a whiter shade of pale at the generally similar huge figures for the fence and the roof repairs, each of which seemed to cost more that our overseas trip planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary next year and suddenly remembered that that he can make the fence himself. He did a few swimming pool fences in another life and he still has all the tools - welding being another of his hobbies - he made all the metre-high cast iron candlesticks/flower holders for my daughter’s wedding last year. He is now fired with enthusiasm to ‘do his research’ and even sees the automatic gate installation as no problem. So hopefully we can have at least the roof repairs done - he didn’t tell me up front that he is not interested in the repair holes/acrylic paint idea so I have to cancel a couple of appointments, but he is interested in the melted tar with reflective aluminium finish technique. We have actually got to postpone our holiday plan anyway as it conflicts with the birth of our first grandchild so maybe we can save up for the roof repairs during the dry season. Meanwhile, I much doubt whether husband’s grand plans will come to fruition as he has forgotten that he has absolutely no time - which is why all the repairs have mounted up in the first place.

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