Sunday, 13 September 2009

Courage of my Convictions

Yesterday I got around to inserting the DVD my son sent me of his wedding photos in order to choose the best photos to put on my wall. This task has acquired priority since my son’s hasty and unexpected visit from the UK last month to sort out licensing his heirloom rifle before the cut-off date, during which time he noticed in a hurt sort of way that we don’t yet have any photos of his Jan. 2008 wedding up on our walls. I did point out that it also took me two years to get around to doing his sister’s ones, but that didn’t cut much ice. The DVD didn’t load however and when I looked, the drive was empty but the disc was nowhere! Having got small son to check it out, he declared that I couldn’t have put it in and later, husband, who said he would bet me R100 000 that there was no disc inside the laptop - it was impossible - I started to lose faith in myself. But if I hadn’t inserted it, where had it gone? I was sitting with the empty box. Searched around under the couch. Nothing. Got a torch. There it was - a shining gold crescent just visible ABOVE the DVD slot, squeezed into the space between that and the upper casing of the laptop! My husband couldn’t believe that I hadn’t exerted incredible unnecessary force to achieve this. Be that as it may, he undertook to take the laptop apart - and an hour and 38 tiny screws later, my disc was returned to me, apparently unharmed. Another hour and 35 screws later, the laptop was back together and in working order. I’m really sorry I didn’t take that bet. That’ll teach me!