Thursday, 10 September 2009

Anxiety Attack

I wasn’t going to mention this but you always meet someone who talks you scared, so I went for a check-up yesterday. I love flying and have flown at least one long distance flight every year (alone) for the last five but this time, I experienced odd symptoms on both the out-going and the return flights. The first time when I was dozing during the night I suddenly experienced a terrific sweat which caused me to throw off as many blankets and clothes as I reasonably could and it went over in about five minutes and I felt fine, no racing heart or pains anywhere. On the return journey, after my customary gin & tonic and glass of red wine (and unusually, a very delicious dark chocolate dessert), I woke up about an hour into the movie, again terribly hot, but also nauseous, so I grabbed the ‘sick bag’ and headed for the toilet. I must have passed out, because the next thing I knew a concerned hostie was picking me up off the floor. A few minutes later I was again fine, but noticed that I was shivery and very pale. Thus, a sit in the doctor’s waiting room 10 days after my return, didn’t help as friends had kindly suggested that I could have had a slight stroke and I picked up the ‘Heart & Stroke Foundation’ brochure which did a good job of convincing me of same - 4/5 women in SA have a high risk of these post 50 years old! However, after a thorough check-up, ECG & bicycle, I have the all-clear. Doc thinks that I had subconscious anxiety and thence the attack. I was really surprised as I still think that I love flying - however, I had allowed myself 8 hours to get to the airport (about a 1 hour trip), and as you may remember, I had locked my suitcase into my son’s flat. So maybe. I also I suppose I shall have to give in to pressure and take the damned cholesterol pills - mine sticks at 7.9 which seems to upset people.


  1. Are you old enough for hot flashes? Or had your thyroid checked? Many doctors do not test for your thyroid unless you ask them. Many times if it is off, you can have anxiety and the symptoms you described.

  2. I feel for you passing out, I used to do that. It is strange, is it not

  3. Hi Retired One!
    Yeh - pushing sixty now! Had all that stuff about 10 years ago, but am on Premelle 0.05 at the moment. So I think it was the anxiety thing.

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