Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Old School Microwave

When he realised that my blind dad could never manage the digital microwave buttons, my brother had an inspiration and moved across to my dad’s house his own 30-year old Sharp microwave - you know the convection oven on top and microwave below - with four big dials that you turn. I should know - my husband and I had a similar one (long since defunct) when we first got married. My brother’s still works as it has hardly been used. For this reason, having surrendered his own one to dad, my brother saw no reason to improve on his old model and was delighted to find one on E-Bay and therefore thought it a bargain to drive the 100 odd miles to fetch it for the bargain price of only ten pounds. The turntable didn’t work and one of the switches was broken but this presents no challenge for my brother and he soon had it up and running. Interesting that I couldn’t find a proper pic of it on Google despite surfing about 40 pages of Sharp microwave ovens - all new of course. The above pic circa 1950 something is the nearest I could get. (Don’t ask me to post my own photo - the USB wire from my camera to the PC is broken at the moment.)


  1. We used to have one of those old ovens.. wish I still had it.

  2. Aah - after my brother's heart!