Monday, 3 August 2009

Luggage Trade

August 30th, 2007

My brother and his family arrived home safely and my small nephew was thrilled to unwrap his nearly-new birthday trumpet, bought for a very reasonable price on e-bay. Chatting in passing about luggage and about insurance - the documents for me to drive my sister-in-law’s car for two weeks went with my brother to France whereas the travel insurance documents for his own holiday arrived after he had left. This reminded me of once when my parents came to visit me in South Africa. On returning home complete with alltheir luggage - my dad discovered that the insurance company had undercharged him - so he posted them a cheque for the difference! I don’t pack anything but old clothes now when flying as so much baggage goes missing. Last year, when I arrived at Heathrow at the then new terminal 5, there were mountains of ‘found’ luggage lying around the walls surrounding the carousels. One had to actually step over them. So much for the important announcements about baggage being destroyed if left unattended! Auctions take place once a month and one woman (interviewed on the radio) has a useful business going. She said that she buys about 30 suitcases a month. Sometimes she even finds passports inside - which she thoughtfully posts back to their owners! How very British. The rest of the stuff she sells profitably on e-bay. Oh, this pic from Google is a bit unfair re Heathrow - the suitcases there were actually in neat, if high, piles. This looks more like the situation we faced at Dar-es-Salaam once, on our way to Zanzibar. We actually were told to find our suitcases, watch them loaded onto a trolley and then to follow the porter out to the small plane and make sure our own luggage was loaded on.

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