Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Lick and a Promise

This was one of my mother's sayings - usually applied to a hasty surface cleaning of the house, meaning to give it a more thorough one later, there being in her opinion, much more valuable ways in which to spend one's spare time. Both she and my father were keen gardeners and she was always busy either outside or jamming and bottling the delicious fruits that they grew or she was sewing for us. I hasten to add that our house was never dirty - she just wasn't fanatical about it. I seem to have inherited this attitude to housework. I like to keep my house tidy and hope that this will deceive visitors into thinking it has just been cleaned. I have long since found that in any case, one's partner (and most other people) will only notice what you have NOT done as opposed to what you have spent long hours doing. So what is the point when one could rather be on the internet? |I do have a conscience though and this pushes me to short bursts of cleaning activity. I have to build up to these craftily as I am great procrastinator in this respect: so I have cleaning materials secreted in cupboards in every room, in case the mood suddenly takes me. For more serious cleaning I pull out furniture and leave it higgledy-piggledy in every room so that I will be forced to do it later that day. One such day, I went off to the shops - meaning to clean later but absent-mindedly left the front door and security door wide open. (Our house is open to the street). When I got home (just after my children), we all thought we had been burgled! Then I remembered and received a severe scolding from the kids. Luckily, we live in a quiet street. The only time I have regularly and assiduously cleaned my house was the brief period when I had a weekly char. Then I would anxiously scrub and dust before she came so she would not think me a slut. I needn't have bothered really. She didn't like cleaning any more than I did.


  1. That was funny, I have a similar style of cleaning.. and I too am the great procrastinator and only clean in bursts as well.

    A char that didn't like to clean... that is


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