Monday, 3 August 2009

Intrepid Toddler

We were at our holiday house for the week-end. It’s a double storey with 16 steps comprising the staircase. I know this for I idly counted once when I was cleaning and also because my husband made wooden risers to cover the concrete base and we needed to calculate how much wood to get. They look very nice now all varnished and not very slippery. We’ve put a child gate at the top so that we can relax when we are all upstairs where the living rooms are. I was upstairs, drying my hair and everyone else was downstairs when I heard a small, high voice say interrogatively, “Ta? Ta?” I didn’t take much notice as I wasn’t on baby-watching duty at the time. A few minutes later I emerged from my room to find small grandson at the top of the stairs trying to close the gate. Clearly, he had asked for help - someone usually holds his hand while he tries to climb the stairs. This time, his request falling on deaf ears, he had clearly thought to himself, “Sod it! I’ll just have to go up by myself”. Or this is what he might have said, had he more than just the one word in his vocabulary. He is 16 months old. They can always do more than you think.

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