Thursday, 27 August 2009

Human Nature

I can't believe what I just heard on the radio. There is a pedestrian bridge over a highway in Cape Town which has just won a design prize for 'Best Pedestrian Bridge of the Year' - but no-one uses it! It is just too much effort for those for whom the bridge has been built, to go 'The Long Way Round'. They still cross underneath, dodging between the lanes of a busy highway endangering the lives of both themselves and the legitimate road users. Astonishingly, these bridges are being built all over the country! Taking the line of least resistance is also why there are well-trodden paths through the flower beds in our municipal parks. Do our design engineers not take courses in Psychology? I wonder what the criteria were for 'Best Design'? Presumably, something artistic like it must have 'flowing lines' and be 'pleasing to the eye'.

By almost the same thought process as the pedestrians, my teenage son won't get up one minute earlier in the morning to eat breakfast before school. He'd rather starve.

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