Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Guilt is a Waste of Time

There are days when I feel guilty to be able to enjoy so much free time when everyone else (including my husband) is frantically rushing around working and not having enough time in their days to achieve everything they need to let along having time to relax and enjoy themselves. Of course, this used to be me as well, not so long ago, and I remind myself that I have worked full-time all my life until just over 50 and I should take my best friend, M's advice, and relax a bit. This word 'relax' is a new one on me as I grew up with a rather Puritan work ethic as did my husband but M is rather good at this, she even encourages her children to relax from time to time which I have never done with mine. I feel guilty about the poor; I feel guilty that I do not do enough for other people (close family excepted). I have just completed 4 years of volunteering once a week at a home for disadvantaged people - just felt I had to stop that do something else - and I can't even continue shelving books a the staff-challenged local library as it has been undergoing renovations for the past 18 months. I suppose I don't feel useful enough - nor do I have a decent book to read at the moment AND the TV schedule has changed so that I can't watch my favorite shows while doing my ironing on a Sunday after noon. Enough! I must set some short-term goals. I shall shortly divulge my hot tips on "how to avoid cleaning house". Now that is a worthwhile way to spend some time.


  1. I so like that post, I feel like I waste so much time and I could have a spotless house or volunteer again, I used to do that also.

  2. I don't need excuses to not clean house..neither do you. Enjoy your leisure time. You will figure out your next project soon.. or keep blogging I love them.


  3. That's funny. You sound like my mom. I'm going to tell you like I tell her...go look in the mirror and take care of that person for awhile. HELLOOOOO! :o) Have a nice day.

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  5. Hi Lexi. I like to keep my blog pretty uncluttered. I just like to write and let people find me without 'directing' anyone to my site. I don't want people to be directed to my site because they were actually looking for something else. Thanks anyway.

  6. Nap without have worked hard during your stop and smell the roses!
    I have loved retirement (I retired a year and 3 months ago) and each day is a different way to play.