Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dad, Life Coach

1st September, 2007

Well, last post from the depths of the British countryside anyway. I go back to London tomorrow for a few days to my son, before flying home on Friday. I see that in my efforts not to write anything negative about my family members, I have painted my dad in rather too rosy a light - giving the impression that he is a sunny-tempered, happily-occupied 90-year old who is like a busy bee from dawn to dusk. I have now been asked to forward my father’s philosophy of life re love, marriage, career advice etc. Little does this person realise that in fact my father is deeply pessimistic about life in general and always has been: he regards himself as a complete failure in his career and as a father and generally as a human being - to talk to him for more five minutes is to deeply depress yourself as well. It is for example, extremely difficult to discover in him a sense of humour. So when I showed him this e-mail request although he was quite pleased and flattered - and has indeed filed his copy to review later - the irony of the request struck him as very funny indeed and for the first time in years I saw his habitual frown replaced by genuine laughter. Nonetheless, knowing him it may well sit on his conscience that the writer deserves a considered reply and he will probably try to compose one - it may take a few months. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. He still sounds sweet and caring. Keep us informed.

  2. He is - he just won't admit it.