Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dad, Genealogist

September 1st 2007

Dad’s latest project is to try to trace his forebears on the 1891 London census. He first discovered street maps on the Internet and managed to locate where he grew up and has since researched some of his relatives this way. Now he has paid for a number of searches into the census document itself. He has been involved in this for the last two years - this is mostly because with his limited vision he can only see about a square inch of his computer screen at a time and thus spends a vast amount of frustrated time deleting things he is supposed to be saving/printing etc.etc and trying to locate his cursor. (Can you imagine trying to work like that?) Sometimes he gives up for days in frustration as his computer often gets as confused as he is and therefore does funny things which can only be solved when my brother is around. Luckily, dad is networked with my brother’s computer system next door and he can often spot when dad is in trouble which really helps because so often dad is too proud to ask for the regular assistance that he needs. This week he has been trying to send an e-mail enquiry. He has made several drafts (which he then couldn’t find - finally after 3 days asking my help). But then (typically), after enlisting my assistance and having me send the e-mail, he then solved the query himself - the answer lying amongst the pages of ‘help’ documents about the census that he has printed out. He now thinks however, that his grandfather must have lived in a tenement building which is why our two ‘clicks’ on the ‘Search’ button have so far yielded no result and have used two of his credits. The project is now on hold while he reorganises his search requirements and calculates how long his 148 credits will last.

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