Monday, 13 July 2009

Small White Lie

August 1st, 2007

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I have tried never to lie since I was a teenager and fibbed to my parents. Now that I am adult, I reasoned, I do not have to apologise for my actions and I am a responsible person. I have mostly stuck to this, especially with my husband, except when it was unavoidable so as not to hurt someone’s feelings, “Yes, I love your new hairstyle/dress/colour scheme/curry etc. When I acquired my ADSL, my husband had large misgivings as he is not fond of having to operate a computer keyboard, his typing still being of the ‘hunt and peck’ variety and he has minimal interest in the Internet. To him, our phone bill was already incredibly large (about R450 p.m.) considering that he doesn’t use the house phone at all. I must admit I rather rashly chose the Telkom Closer Plan 4 - and have since realised that I use hardly any of the ‘free’ minutes over a month. Anyway, the phone bill is now around R575 per month - as long as I don’t phone my mother in England or make cell phone calls. However, In the past week, I have twice left empty frying pans on the electric stove on plates that were on ‘high’. I was only alerted only by the smell and of smoke and the haze drifting into my study where I was, need I say, ‘quickly looking something up on the Internet.’ I gazed in disbelief (twice!) at the ruined messes - not a bit of non-stick left, and today I had to go and buy new ones. The thing is not that I bought new pans, but why now? Also that my husband is going to be cross that I again bought cheap ones. I can hardly tell him that it’s because I can’t afford to (keep) replacing expensive ones. No good to suggest that that expensive ones wouldn’t have burnt - they certainly would if they were left on the stove for an hour! I shall have to invent a fib. Luckily, my friend M, has had the same problem - veges for the evening meal boiling dry. Her advice is to take a timer to the study.

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