Thursday, 30 July 2009

Reward and Punishment

August 28th, 2007

Strong words perhaps to describe the choice between walking, cycling or going by car to fetch the paper, but perhaps seen in a wider context a description of life itself? I chose to walk today to escape the early morning central heating that comes on in my folks house, winter or summer at 6.30 am.. My menopausal blood simply can’t take it whereas my parents’ elderly blood needs the warmth to get their bodies into first gear. There is quite a lot of uphill on the walk to the shop but in my early enthusiasm I can take this in my stride. There is a lady about my age that I normally pass at some point and we exchange a cheery wave: she is on a bicycle and today she went flying down the last hill as I was puffing up it. I was really envious of her obvious enjoyment of the speed and vowed that tomorrow I would borrow my sister-in-law’s bike. Of course, this means that I shall have to push it up this last steep bit, which is a bit of a bother, and then there is a final gradient back up to my parents’ house that is more pleasant to walk. Today I took the short cut up 100 steep steps and a further two hundred across the field next to the church. This cuts out two sides of a triangle(900 steps - I managed to count it today) but it isn’t any quicker as a decent rest is required once you have made it to the top of the steps. There is another short cut indicated by a quaint wooden signpost apparently straight across a field of wheat. ‘Public Footpaths’ are apt to be indicated in this vague fashion - you actually need to have consulted an Ordnance Survey map before you venture into the unknown as there is actually no discernible path. So life is full of choices. It seems to me that there is a price to be paid for nearly all pleasures in life. Perhaps that is how we learn to appreciate things. I am sorry today’s story is such a tiny example. You will just have to extrapolate.

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