Thursday, 16 July 2009

More on Mum

August 16th, 2007

A couple more things that stand out about my mum….We lived about a mile (1.7 kms.) out of town when I was young and for health reasons (and if my dad had taken the car to work), she and I would walk into town to do the shopping and often walk back. On both journeys I struggled to keep up with her tiny 5’2” figure. Considerably taller, I would often have to trot. I also remember that she went in the evenings (for she had a casual job in the day) for Continental Cookery Classes as well as Flower Arranging and it was a constant trial for her that my dad liked ‘good, old-fashioned dishes’ and had to have apple pie and custard every day of his life. He would regard a quickie like tinned fruit salad and cream as the worst kind of cop-out. He would eat that and then ask where was the real pudding? It was because of this tyranny that I vowed I would never make dessert a regular item on my family’s menu one day which is just as well as my husband only has to look at food to put on weight, whereas my Dad eats like a horse and has always looked like an inmate of a concentration camp. On Sundays, I was sent to Sunday School which I resented a lot as my parents didn’t go to church. At least my dad didn’t. Mum wasn’t a regular church-goer but she went when she needed ‘a good sing’ and if she could get to arrange the flowers. She never liked our ‘modern’ church building though and has been much happier in retirement, occasionally attending the local 12th century church where she now lives, in order to listen to her grandson playing the organ

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