Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Man of Few Words

August 3rd , 2007

Oprah is always good for a conversational topic, so when couples were asked independently to describe their marriage with 5 adjectives, I found this pretty easy to do with minimum thought. I asked my husband to produce his own list and was met with a look of horror and in fact a downright refusal on the grounds that he is ‘not good with words.’ - and also wily enough to know that he might say the wrong thing! As far as relationship vocabulary goes, I have to agree with him (blood out of a stone except when ‘in his cups’) but in the work situation he is relaxed and fluent knowing himself to be on firm ground. Later we were sitting musing about the possible reasons for the two youngest of his siblings to be getting divorced and of course, were very wise with the benefit of hindsight. One must look at someone’s background and childhood we said and of course girls tend to get like their mothers. Did meeting my mother put you off at all, I asked? By the time he met her - said he gloomily - he was too far gone.

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