Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How Daft are we?

It was mid-week and my friend, M, and I were off to the movies. We had chosen the lunchtime show, and were a bit peckish and looking forward to the excitement of sneaking a sandwich past the usher. We both thought better of trying to include a take-away coffee in our handbags. Last time the delicious aroma would have given us away, had we not been the only patrons in the cinema and besides I spilt mine and the contents ruined my handbag. So there we were perusing the pre-packed sandwiches at one of the nicer coffee shops when my eyes alighted on a plain ol’ egg mayonnaise. I immediately coveted it but reluctantly decided I had better choose something else as it was by far the cheapest and I didn’t want my friend to think I was being cheapskate. It was taking M a long time to decide and she eventually confided quietly to me that she really fancied an egg mayonnaise but thought I would think she was being cheapskate! Result: two satisfied customers as we left the shop grinning each with the best of all sandwiches concealed in our bags. As luck would have it, we were again the only ones at a morning show so no-one could be gassed by the eggy smells emanating from the area around our seats.


  1. Yes part of the fun of movies is sneaking things favorite is using a colored reusable "water bottle" but filled with your fave beverage. In this particular case it was a toasted almond.. yum. Daughter can drive so no hazards involved :-)

  2. Dear Vodka Logic - Could your favourite beverage perhaps be "Va Va Water" as we call it here? i.e. Vodka-laced fizzy water?