Friday, 10 July 2009

Hottest Senior Guy

2nd August, 2007

No, this did not take place in an Old Age Home! My youngest son was awarded this honour last night at his school and although he had lot of fun and has gained a little confidence by the antics he had to engage in on stage, he seemed a bit embarrassed more than anything by his win. This awards evening was arranged by the Matrics - no parents allowed to attend and no prizes, just for fun. As parents, we would have been more impressed by an academic award but there is no chance of this, nevertheless our son has been a prefect this year and seems to have a good heart, just a little slow in realising that he has to pull his socks up to stand a chance of getting into any kind of tertiary education. I am thinking that we must do a little threatening along the lines of ceasing all pocket money as of December and talking of renting out his room! Although the title is good for his ego, being part of a large family means that he is not allowed to develop a big head - a great deal of good-natured teasing goes on, starting with his older brother and sister and backed up by his multitude of male cousins. There was no teasing in my own family when I was young and I have always found it hard to deal with personally (spending hours worrying that the things said were meant in earnest.) I married into this big family though and found that it is a question of sink or swim. I am no good at the repartee though - I never know what to say back, so just grin and bear it. My husband says it was boarding school and the army that taught him to defend himself. One thing I am glad about - we made our son wear braces when he was 12ish with the result that he has a megawatt smile which I am sure contributed to his win. I had a front tooth which stuck out all my teenage years and I was horribly conscious of it. In those days, the National Health did not do anything about it and my parents in common with most British people couldn’t afford to ‘go private’ so generations of Brits walk around today with awful teeth. Just look at “Antiques Road Show”. My husband jokes unkindly that you always know an (older) British person by their teeth. Not any more though. I hope my son’s smile eases his way through life.

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