Sunday, 19 July 2009

Flying with Air Namibia

August, 2007....

Sorry, this is a BA plane - couldn't find an Air Namibia one....
I chose to fly to London from Cape Town this way because I love flying and like to prolong the experience – and more to the point it was a lot cheaper this time compared to other offerings. Booking in at 2.00 pm on a week-day is a relaxing experience – airport empty! I felt something like the Queen when she shops at Harrods. Sailing through with time to spare I chatted to a colourful character selling beautiful African art in the duty-free and rambled down to Gate B2. Only one busload of passengers flying to Windhoek: the bus was just starting to rev up when I heard someone call: “Passenger M?” I had only left my ticket on the security desk! Another menopause moment – don’t remember doing that at all when I was hunting for my passport. (Nobody tell my husband ). A hot meal is served on this two-hour flight and very tasty it was. Windhoek airport is a refreshing experience – perhaps two or three other planes max sitting outside the terminal building and a breath-taking view over the desert landscape. OK it is a two-hour wait before the next take-off but I was prepared with last week’s Sunday Times Sudoku (5-in-one) which I only finished on the plane. The down side of this airline is the old-fashioned in-flight entertainment – no individual TV screens and only one movie – Shrek III and for the second time with this airline I had the seat at which nothing worked, not even the reading light. Fortunately there was a spare aisle seat so I was moved by an apologetic hostess and I settled in, resigned to Shrek, which to my surprise had the sound track in German! Thinking that this must be because there is a lot of German spoken in Namibia I was quite entertained for a while by “Shrek, Der Dritte” but this soon palled as I realized my German was too rusty to keep up. I asked the youngster next to me if he could understand it – he explained patiently that Channel 2 was in German, but Channel 1 in English (Duh!) According to my usual habit, I fell asleep in the movie and woke up for the credits at the end, and then was awake for the rest of the night. As no eye masks (or toothpaste) were provided, I felt too bad to put on the reading light so sat in the toilet to read my book. Only 1.30 pm.! A long night. No music channels to my taste. Walked about. Back in my seat eventually, resenting the fact that everyone but me was asleep, I was a little diverted by the plop of the seatbelt alert signal and then delighted to hear the clicking of seatbelts all around. Fellow-suffers after all.

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