Monday, 27 July 2009

Darkness and Light

I was at my daughter’s house today and she was going around switching off lights in an exasperated fashion, saying that her husband can’t bear anywhere not to be in bright light, including the toilet, whose light he also doesn’t switch off in daytime. She actually has a light, airy house, so there is no real need to put lights on except at night, but she has an exorbitantly huge electricity bill, soon due to be upped a great deal by Eskom in her next account! So she has my sympathy, but so does he. I can’t bear dim light myself and the first thing I do every day, is open all the curtains in my house. I can never understand why some people leave curtains closed all day. Darkness equals for me - depression. There is a good reason why there have statistically always been more suicides in northern climes than in the sunny south! At night, I must have enough light to read small print wherever I am, and I constantly vie with my husband putting lights on and off. He prefers lamplight. Huh! I’ve seen enough films in arty-farty ‘lamplight’ - please read ‘tried to see what was going on in the dark’ for ‘seen’ - to put me off dim lighting. I don’t go to restaurants where, in the romantic candlelight, I can neither read the menu nor see the food I am eating. Am I alone in this?

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  1. I never thought about it..guess I am somewhere in between. I switch off lights too and ask my husband why he doesn't and he says I am going back in the room in a minute. So being a wise arse I leave the fridge open, I will be going back in, in a minute.. point taken but soon forgotten by him. I do exasperate him.